- Life is good. No matter what. Life is good.

- Live everyday, regardless, with a smile. Let your smile be a visual prayer of better days to come for yourself and all who see it.

- There’s a season and reason for everything and everyone. Remember this.

- My girlfriend is crazy but I Love her.

- I’m not afraid, fazed or moved at all by the things I hear on the news, or human assumptions of my future.

- Speaking without truth or understanding is like cooking without seasons, bland and flavorless. That being said, careful how you use your words, mindful how you cook your food.

- I remember my first friend. Tarrant, Alabama. Early middle school days. It was weird because I didn’t fit in, I didn’t try to, but this one white kid found me to be the coolest guy. We were two opposites in life and times, but he taught me a lot about myself. I moved suddenly, without notice, and lost contact with him. Never had a friend like him since. Patrick Jacobs. I’ll catch him again.